5 Packages 250g - VietNam Premium Coffee

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Don’t have idea what present to give this coming holiday season? Think no more because we have special giftset for you! 5 250g packs of Hello 5 coffee of your choice is a good ideas

5 Packages 250g : Mondo - Deluxe - Organic - Regular - Original

Rich Aroma, Passionate Flavor.

Can a roasted coffee be more complex? We carefully roasted the beans at the exact moment of readiness – from only the highest quality Arabica beans to create a full flavor that’s surprisingly unique. This coffee is the perfect melding of beans and roast, results in a graceful coffee with rich aroma, a passionate and enveloping flavor – Mondo is much more than you’d expected from the most premium product from Hello 5 Coffee.



Bright Smell, Robust Flavor.

From over 1500 meters above the sea level at Buon Me Thuot, the capital of Dak Lak Province – also the biggest city in Central Highlands, we carefully select the highest quality Arabica and Robusta beans for making this blend – a blend so consistent and harmonious that no single characteristic dominates – or disappears. A bright, natural smell of Arabica with a subtly rich, robust flavor of Robusta, Hello 5 Coffee Deluxe is the perfect coffee for every day.


Deep Aroma, Intriguing Flavor.
Thơm ngất ngây, Vị đặc biệt.

Organic is made from the carefully selected Arabica and Peaberry beans – which come from Buon Me Thuot, a coffee-growing paradise of Vietnam. The volcanic soil of this land creates a unique coffee with a deep and chocolatey aroma, combined with a unique, intriguing flavor. Through a complex process from roasting to grinding, we make Hello 5 Coffee Organic Gift Set (including a premium Hello 5 Coffee aluminum filter for making Vietnamese coffee) to satisfy everyone’s needs for an ideal coffee gift. 


Extraordinary Smoothness, Strong Flavor.

We carefully roasted this coffee from the highest quality Peaberry beans to create a strong flavor and extraordinary smoothness – suitable especially for the Vietnamese way of making coffee through an aluminum filter called “phin”. With an incredibly strong taste, a high amount of caffeine and a deep smell, Hello 5 Coffee Regular is a celebration of everything we love about Vietnamese coffee.


Strong Aroma, Rich Taste.

Original is Hello 5 Coffee’s espresso – with its rich taste and contains a high amount of caffeine. A cup of Original in the morning can give you enough energy and creativity for even the most stressful day. This coffee is carefully roasted to its perfection to create a bold flavor – with the right amount of bitterness combined with a strong aroma – it’s everything you’d want from a Vietnamese Espresso.

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Units in box: 48