Hello 5 Coffee Original - VietNam Premium Coffee

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Composition: Arabica, Robusta and Culi
Cafein: ≥2,0%
Moisture <5%
Netweight: 250g/per package

Hello 5 Coffee Original is darkly roasted to perfection, presenting bold flavors with just the right amount of bitterness, a comfortingly strong aroma, dark color and high caffeine content to make a sublime Vietnamese Espresso.

 Composition: Arabica, Robusta and Culi

Cafein: ≥2,0%
Moisture <5%

Origin: VietNam

Product of Hello 5 Coffee Corporation

HACCP Management System Certified

Halal Certified



  - Keep the zipper tightly closed after opening

  - Store in cool and dry place, avoid directy

This coffee is the perfect reviver for those born under a Metal sign, who are inclined to be independent, tenacious, strong and determined.

Each pack contains 250g (8.8 oz) of the finest Vietnamese ground coffee, carefully selected for quality and flavor.

Enjoy massive discounts when ordering multi packs – great for sharing with friends and family!

一日の始まりを告げるのに最適な味です。頭が冴え、人生を前向きに楽しめるような気分にさせてくれます。Hello5 Originalその風味はベトナムコーヒーにおけるエスプレッソと呼んでも過言ではありません。集中力があり、独立心に富む風水五行『金』の良い気質を更に伸ばす手助けとなります。



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