Hello 5 Coffee Reguar - VietNam Premium Coffee

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Composition: Arabica, Robusta and Culi
Cafein: ≥2,5%
Moisture <5%
Netweight: 250g/per package

Composition: Arabica, Robusta and Culi

Cafein: ≥2,5%

Moisture : <5%

Origin: VietNam

Product of Hello 5 Coffee Corporation

HACCP Management System Certified

Halal Certified



  - Keep the zipper tightly closed after opening

  - Store in cool and dry place, avoid directy

Coffee was first introduced to Vietnam by the French in the 19th century. From then on, thanks to favourable climate and soil conditions together with an adherence to traditional growing and processing methods, high quality Vietnamese coffee has become world renowned for its unique flavour.

Hello5 Regular contains the indigenous varietal bean Culi Arabica, dark roasted to perfection and especially suited to the traditional Vietnamese way of making coffee using a metal filter called a phin. The resulting brew is deeply dark in color, with a higher than normal caffeine content, giving the unmistakable strength and the extraordinary smoothness for which Vietnamese coffee is famed.

With an inspirational taste which is both passionate and fierce, the cup improves even more when served in the traditional manner, with sweetened condensed milk, making it perfect to enjoy any time of day.

Hello5 Regular ideally complements people born under an Earth sign, who tend to be patient, rational, logical and dependable.


ベトナム中部高原地帯バンメトートの豊かな赤土で栽培されたアラビカ種、カリ種を年間で最も旬な時期に摘み取りました。更に厳選した豆をベトナム伝統的な方法を用い、粉砕・焙煎を行いました。その深く、豊かな香りはHello5コーヒーのラインナップの中でも高い人気があります。Hello 5 Organic(オーガニック)の特徴である甘い香りは忍耐強く、寛大で思いやりに満ちている風水五行「木」の方にお勧めします。

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