Hello 5 Coffee Introduction

There was a man who always endeavored to find meaning of life. He crossed the desserts, went through the ocean and walked down boulevards but still couldn’t find out. One day, he fatiguedly wandered through small streets. Suddenly, all of his senses were prodded by a very special fragrance. He quickly walked to the store. A waiter brought him a steaming hot brown drink. Take a sip, a deep bitter taste with residual sweetness  promptly revived the pedestrian’s countenance.

That special flavor drink is Hello5 coffee.

Originated from heated passion, refined in each dripping, Hello5 wants togreet the world with a ready mindt o live and experience life. Hello5 – Splendid coffee flavor, indulges free mind, making anyone free to flourish and explore the depth of mind and enlighten tothe philosophy and meaning of life.

Letindulgeinthe sweetand bitter taste to experience the feelings that blend with the contemplation of the ups and downs emotionin life. That isnot only a human's journey to adventure outside but it requiresus to walk by feeling inside. A moment of peace and tranquility holdinga cup of coffee with friends settle down. How can you find meaning in your life? Simply just enjoy this moment.

Hello5 -Thanks to life, together!


Our Mission


Vision: Proudly becomes the breakthrough Viet Nam coffee brand creatively in 5 continents.

Mission: Creating happy and healthy lifestyle for people by providing real products and great services honestly.

Characteristics: Honest, Happy, Healthy.

Core Values: Quality, Creativity, Exploration.